How To Optimize Loan Performance
By: Jane Hammil, CU Direct

Rapid growth in credit union indirect lending programs has triggered more examiner scrutiny and additional emphasis on the performance of these programs. Credit unions can be more effective in mitigating risk and optimizing performance within their indirect portfolios by taking a number of steps, including implementing a series of key metrics: dealer performance scorecards, multi-dimensional portfolio analysis, static pool analysis, and profitability analysis. These practices enable credit unions to identify risk and low-performing segments within their portfolio, take corrective action in a timely manner, and maintain a sound and viable indirect lending program. Read on for a closer look at how each of these practices can improve a credit union’s indirect loan portfolio performance and join Mark Klucar, Regional Director at CU Direct, for a session on "Indirect Lending Basics and Best Practices" at the League's Lending Workshop on April 23rd. 

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