Project Zip Code

Project Zip Code is a constituent matching program that connects credit union members with their state and federal lawmakers. The Project Zip Code Web site serves as the central processing center and database for the information entered by participating credit unions throughout the nation.

As a result, we're able to illustrate to elected officials the number of credit union members in their district.

Are your members among the more than 77 million credit union members to stand up and be counted? Help us ensure our state and federal lawmakers understand just how many of their constituents are credit union members. It takes just a few minutes and no personal data is ever collected.

No personal data or individual information leaves your credit union.  Project Zip Code receives only the raw counts of records successfully matched.  All of your members' data remains confidential and secure. Project Zip Code is compliant to the privacy laws created in Gramm Leach Bliley.

What do bankers think about Project Zip Code?

See an example of how we communicate to legislators the extent of the credit union presence in their district.

To participate in this program contact Chris Abeel at 800-792-8861 ext. 127 or

  Project Zip Code - Update Your Numbers!

PZC is now available for download! For more information click here. This product is for member credit unions only, as access requires login. Don't have a username and password? E-mail Marissa Anema at to request an account.