Pre-Hearing Washington Ad Urges MBL Action, N.J. Radio & Web Spots Begin Tomorrow

Posted by Marissa Anema Wednesday, October 12, 2011 11:11:00 AM

WASHINGTON & HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. - Seven new names have joined the list of small business and policy organizations that have joined CUNA to support increasing the MBL cap ahead of today's House Financial Services subcommittee on financial institutions and consumer credit hearing on MBLs.

The seven supporters are among the 27 groups that have co-signed an open letter that urges President Barack Obama and members of Congress to allow credit unions to expand lending to their business members. The letter, which will run in Washington, D.C. publications today, notes that credit unions continue to lend to their members, even as banks have cut back.

The letter also addresses the vital role that credit unions play in providing capital to underserved communities and small businesses, and adds that credit unions understand the special needs of their business members and can make loans that banks will not.

Here in New Jersey, NJCUL takes to airwaves and the Internet beginning tomorrow with radio spots and Web ads promoting support among our state's 15-member delegation. To date, Representatives Andrews (D-1), Holt (D-12), Pallone (D-6), and Rothman (D-9) have signed on as co-sponsors.

The N.J. ads are part of a broader grassroots campaign which, in additional to a general Call-to-Action, includes Monday's breakfast with Congressman Jon Runyan, an October 25th Hike-the-Hill, a postcard campaign, and letters and op-ed pieces in targeted districts.

The radio spots will run from October 13-19 and will be aired weekday afternoons on nine N.J. stations including 101.5 and 94.3. The Web ad will appear on the PolitickerNJ home page and its daily Wake-up Call enews.

PolitickerNJ is the state's premier political Web site and the go-to resource for the state's lawmakers and politicos. The Web ad will also appear on 101.5 FM's home page. The Web ads will run from October 13-20. An example of the ad is pictured below.

The ads will encourage listeners and readers to visit where they can learn more about this taxpayer-free way to help put Americans back to work, and contact their lawmakers through the League's Online Grassroots Action Center.

Anyone interested in participating in the October 25th Hike-the-Hill should email NJCUL Director of Government Affairs Chris Abeel at


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