N.J. CUs Engage their Members in 'Don't Tax My CU!' Campaign

Posted by Marissa Anema Monday, July 08, 2013 11:19:00 AM

What is Your CU Doing for Tax-Status Advocacy? 

New Jersey credit unions are getting involved in the CUNA/state leagues’ nationwide grassroots tax-status advocacy campaign “Don’t Tax My CU!” Some are pulling out all the stops and engaging their members as well.

Parlin DuPont FCU featured a “Don’t Tax My CU!” article as its top story in its July 2013 e-newsletter. The call-to-action explains that big banks and some in Congress want to raise taxes on 96 million credit union members by taxing their credit unions. And, they want to do this despite the fact that credit unions are not-for-profit and meeting their core mission every day. The article then connects readers to the “Don’t Tax My CU!” Web page where they can send a pre-written letter to their Congressmen to encourage them not to touch the credit union tax exemption.

Essex County Teachers FCU included a statement stuffer with its July statements that features the “Don’t Tax My CU!” logo as well as a link to the “Don’t Tax My CU!” Web page along with its own message on loan rates.

As of June 27, New Jersey credit unions had generated 1,769 Capitol Hill lawmaker contacts, according to NJCUL Director of Government Affairs Chris Abeel. 

He noted, however, that with more than 4,000 credit union professionals and volunteers in the Garden State, there’s no reason why New Jersey can’t generate 10,000-plus contacts without even reaching out to the state’s one-million-plus credit union members.

“This issue is too important to rely on a few credits unions to carry the ball. Every credit union must do its part. A credit union can’t claim to be fully serving its members if it doesn't take time to advocate on an issue of such critical importance to America's 96 million credit union members,” Abeel wrote in a recent Facebook posting.

Credit unions are encouraged to engage staff and members in tax advocacy efforts. Sample newsletter articles, statement stuffers, Web and email banners, and more are available for download for credit unions in CUNA’s Tax Advocacy Toolkit. Credit unions can get the message out via social media by visiting the "Don't Tax My Credit Union!" Facebook page as well as following CUNA’s Twitter handle @CUNAadvocacy and using the hashtag #DontTaxMyCU on Twitter. Tag us in your Facebook posts and tweets and we will send them out to our followers as well.

What is your credit union doing to get the “Don’t Tax My CU!” word out among staff and members? Let us know! Send your stories and photos/marketing collateral to the NJCUL Marketing Department at news@njcul.org


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