New CUNA Web Site Design Emphasizes User Ease

Posted by Marissa Anema Tuesday, March 19, 2013 11:06:00 AM


WASHINGTON – Yesterday, CUNA launched its new Web site design that was almost a year in the making. CUNA has completely re-thought and redesigned to make it more appealing to users both in function and graphic elements.

"We have worked to remove the divide between the comprehensive information available on our site, and users' abilities to easily access all that exists on the CUNA pages," said Vice President of Information Technology Tom Nohelty, when launching the new look. "We've got what credit unions need to support their operations. And now it is accessible in a more intuitive way."

"What we have now is a more visually appealing and more graphical website style—there's a lot more color and images, and we give visual cues to content location—as well as written ones—to assist in easy navigation.

"We have incorporated graphic 'theaters' throughout, so our pages have lost their out-dated, static appearances and have come alive with rotating displays of the most important and current information in each content area."

CUNA has also completely revamped its Web site search function. Users can start with a keyword search, and then refine that search by sorting through filters that will result in the most relevant "finds."

The Web site now is organized into seven "channels," or content areas. Each of the channels have theaters that will promote up to five top issues or hot products and services for that area.

The channels are:

• Stay Informed
• Legislative & Regulatory
• Compliance
• Research and Strategy
• Marketing and Member Education
• Training and Events

"Set aside a few minutes. Explore our new site," Nohelty invites credit unions. "I think you are going to like what you find."


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