Making Strides with Reach

Posted by Greg Michlig Friday, August 09, 2013 12:26:00 PM

Three months into my role here as League president and I am now seeing many paths emerge for the organization, our member credit unions, myself and staff to walk down.

As a team, League staff and I have begun working on new and exciting opportunities for New Jersey credit unions. Some of those ideas center around the cooperative advertising campaign, “Banking You Can Trust” and ways we can improve not only its reach of consumers, but help credit unions generate more worthwhile leads from our advertising.

We have been beefing up our social media efforts on the consumer advocacy front. Our utilization of social media in the past couple of months has earned us a tremendous amount of new followers of our Twitter handle @BankingYouTrust.

Generating interest through social media has also had a tremendous impact on our consumer advocacy Web site The site has garnered more unique visitors in the past month than any other, since its launch last year.

As a team we plan to work on ways to attract more consumers to our social media channels and not just industry insiders, politicians and other credit unions. Starting a conversation with New Jersey consumers about financial services, education and the benefits of using a credit union will be a focus in the coming months and year.

Your participation plays a vital role in the success of those efforts. As we continue efforts to expand the “Banking You Can Trust” audience, promote the Web site and Twitter handle to your members and, if you aren’t already, consider participating in our shared advertising campaign.

As I mentioned to the attendees at the NJ DNA meeting in Bloomfield last evening, the “Banking You Can Trust” and “Don’t Tax My Credit Union” messages are synergistic. While “Don’t Tax My Credit Union” is essential to our continuing efforts to defend credit unions’ tax status, it is also a tremendous opportunity to talk about the value proposition of credit unions.

Last Friday while I was in Boston at the AACUL meeting, League staff were on the Asbury Park boardwalk speaking directly with consumers about the benefits of credit unions (under the “Banking You can Trust” banner) and for those who were credit union members (and they tell me there were quite a few) they discussed the Don’t Tax My Credit Union initiative. Many of them even filled out postcards as part of the League’s postcard campaign. The League’s grassroots postcard campaign is similar to campaigns done in previous years. We ask that any interested credit union staffer, volunteer or member complete postcards in support of the Don’t Tax My Credit Union message. Postcards can be obtained through the League’s Director of Government Affairs Chris Abeel. If you are interested in participating in this effort, please contact him at or 609-448-2426 ext. 127.

Stay tuned for more in the area of reach with our consumer advocacy efforts.


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