Comment Letter Writing

Writing an effective comment letter is a critical part of your advocacy efforts. NJCUL encourages credit unions to submit comment letters on proposed regulations because you have a right to have your voice heard. Telling the credit union’s and your members’ ‘story’ of how new or proposed regulations will impact you, positively and/or negatively, is the best way to tell your regulator, or the proposing agency, in terms they can use to come to a thoughtful decision when adjusting or finalizing a rule.

For tips on writing an effective, impactful comment letter, watch this video from NCUA. NJCUL works continuously to effectively advocate on your behalf and work to remove the regulatory barriers that impede your ability to serve your members. Have questions? Need guidance on interpreting proposed regulations? Need help putting your thoughts on paper? You can always contact NJCUL’s Vice President of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Nicola Foggie, at Thank you for being an important part of our advocacy efforts.


Comment Period Deadline


RFI re Bureau External Engagements

May 29, 2018


Notice of Regulatory Review

Jun. 4, 2018


RFI re Public Reporting Practices of Consumer Complaint Information

Jun. 4, 2018


FCC Proposes Second Rulemaking Fixing TCPA Reassigned Number Issues

Jun. 7, 2018


RFI re Bureau Rulemaking Processes

Jun. 7, 2018


RFI re Bureau's Adopted Regulations and New Rulemaking Authority

Jun. 19, 2018


RFI re Bureau's Inherited Regulations and Inherited Rulemaking Authorities

Jun. 25, 2018


RFI re Bureau Guidance and Implementation Support

Jul. 2, 2018


RFI re Bureau Financial Education Programs

Jul. 9, 2018


RFI re Bureau's Consumer Complaint and Consumer Inquiry Handling Processes

Jul. 16, 2018




Visit to get started!

PowerComment is a powerful and valuable advocacy tool that lets you:

  • Review proposed rules and how they might affect your credit union’s operations and members.
  • Ask fellow credit unions or the Leagues questions related to proposed rules.
  • Write your own comment letter and immediately submit it to regulators.
  • View letters submitted by other PowerComment users and the Leagues.

If you have any questions about submitting comment letters or PowerComment please contact the League’s Vice President of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Nicola Foggie, at or call 1-800-792-8861, Option 1.