Education Sessions by Credit Union Department


Looking to find some education sessions that fit your particular role at the credit union? Look no further! NJCUL's Education Department has created the following chart to help you find sessions that fit your profession.

While picking isn’t a science and some classes are beneficial to many different areas of the credit union’s staff, below is a chart to help you decide based on what you do at your credit union. The Legend to the right will help you determine what color corresponds to what department. Don’t see your department here and are looking to take some classes? Contact Director of Education & Training Barbara Agin ( or 800-792-8861 ext. 111) to see what might be right for you or to request a specific topic or class. NJCUL will always work hard to bring you the education you need.

Click the image of the chart to enlarge, then use the “More Info” links to view the full brochures of each class, registration instructions, and more information. 

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