They Say, 'One Size Fits All'. Well, It Doesn't Always Fit!

All credit unions are not alike. Here at the NJCUL Compliance Center, we don't treat you that way when it comes to your compliance needs. Credit unions can be similar in asset size, but very different in terms of whom they serve, day-to-day operations, market, or the financial education and professional knowledge of its staff and leaders.

When it comes to compliance...why take chances? There is an ever-increasing need for credit union CEOs/managers, staff, directors, and volunteers to take advantage of customized training. Regulatory requirements for annual training as well as increased examiner expectations for directors to their fiduciary duties and responsibilities calls for credit union leaders to become more proactive about setting aside time and monies for education/training for themselves as well as their staff.

The League has a host of customized compliance training solutions to offer you. If you don't see it here, call us and we will work with you to design a program that fits your needs. Customized training is for groups or individuals and can take place at your location or ours. Don't wait, contact us today to schedule training for your credit union!

If you need help preparing and budgeting for a compliance training plan, contact us, we can help with that too!

Customized Training

  • Bank Secrecy Act / Anti-Money Laundering (Staff and Board/Volunteers)
  • Board of Directors Duties & Responsibilities
  • Supervisory Committee Duties & Responsibilities
  • Office of Foreign Assets and Control (OFAC)
  • FACT ACT: 'Red Flags' Identity Theft
  • BSA/Compliance Officer (New or Refresher)
  • Succession Planning
  • Individual Regulatory Topic
  • If you don't see it here contact us!