Items for Sale

Bay Atlantic FCU has several items for sale through Auctions by Mesiano, LLC on Ebay. Please see item photos, descriptions, and Ebay item numbers below:

1.  Diebold CashGuard Safe with Time Lock - Bank / Credit Union / Cash for Gold  $1495.00   ebay item #: 381186660520


2. 11 ft Teller Middle Cabinet Section Bank / Credit Union / Cash for Gold     $999.99    ebay item #: 351355175672

3. UL Bullet Resistant Level 1 573R Electric Transaction Drawer with Intercom     $750.00   ebay item #: 351347813000


4. Two Diebold Undercounter Cabinets   $500.00  ebay item #: 351355172320


5. Two Lawrence Chrome Crowd Control Barriers with Tan Velvet Ropes   $199.99  ebay item #: 381200193926 

Credit Union Branch Space to Lease

Interested in leasing an existing credit union branch that is fully furnished with vault, 2 drive ups and furniture?

Pinnacle FCU is seeking any interested credit unions who may want to open a small branch in Fairfield, New Jersey. This office has 1,860 square feet of space and is located on Passaic Avenue.

If your credit union is interested, please call Steve Lardiere at 800-742-5050 ext. 239.

See photos below.


                                              Drive-Up                                                             Lobby                                                     


Service Area