Stop Making It So Hard for People To Do Business With You!
By: Bo McDonald, founder and CEO, Your Marketing Company 

“Why aren’t we growing?” Frustrated credit union leaders ask me this question when they’re trying to figure out why growth numbers are falling short. They’re proud of the fact that they’re leading a small not-for-profit financial cooperative, and they can’t see why anyone would choose a different banking option. They usually follow their first question with something like, “Why would someone do business with Wells Fargo instead of us? I just don’t get it.”

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B2C Marketing Benchmark Report from CUcontent

CUcontent, a sponsor of the League’s May 7th Marketing Conference, is all about making you popular. In its ongoing mission to increase the success of your marketing, CUcontent is always looking at statistics and news bytes that are relevant to the marketing world. Recently, they’ve taken a good look at data from the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Content Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report from MarketingProfs. The report is based on data from surveys of 299 B2C marketers, and the findings are quite revealing. CUcontent shares some of the report results in its latest blog post “B2C Benchmark Report.”

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Be the Author of Your Marketing Success in 2019
By: Marissa Anema, NJCUL Vice President, Marketing and Communications

It’s funny how things appear and recur in your life when you need them the most.

I was pondering my accomplishments and struggles of 2018 leading up to New Year’s Eve, and beginning to map out what I think my 2019 should look like, when an article originally published by NPR in 2015 titled “The Writing Assignment That Changes Lives” serendipitously came up in my Facebook feed.  

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