Incoming NJCUL Chairman Andy Jaeger: A Fresh Outlook and Direction for 2017
in League Initiatives
By: Andy Jaeger, NJCUL Chairman and CUNJ President/CEO

It is no surprise that the last few years have been challenging for the League, between the turnover at the top to the impact of an ever-so-slowly improving economy and persistent low-rate environment on New Jersey credit unions. 

Incoming NJCUL Board Chairman and Credit Union of New Jersey President/CEO Andy Jaeger

But the issues at the League were also institutional—the way in which we were providing value hadn’t evolved with the times. The standard League playbook, which worked well in the past, no longer met the needs of our members, nor was it providing value commensurate with the dues. That model is not sustainable, especially in light of the by-laws changes taking effect next year.

As a Board, we had come to the realization that the League needed to change—but just in case there was any question, we also got plenty of input from members and non-members telling us the same thing.

So when we brought David Frankil in as the new President and CEO, we gave him one over-arching strategic priority.  Start with a blank slate, look at everything with a fresh set of eyes, be creative and innovative, and re-engineer the organization so that it drives compelling value for our members.

We are very pleased with the progress made in a very short period of time. If you joined us at the Annual Meeting and Convention this year, you heard about some  of the exciting new programs and initiatives the League is unveiling for 2017, from free customized performance reports, to enhanced compliance offerings, to one-day workshops focused on critical operational challenges, and new and effective statewide awareness initiatives.

This renewed energy and new direction the League is headed made me confident and excited to take on the role of Chairman of the Board.

As the incoming Board Chair, I and my fellow Board Members will work diligently to ensure that your League remains focused on providing compelling value. If you are currently a member, we appreciate your support and look forward to working with you in the future.

If you’re not currently a member, I’d ask that you take a fresh look at what the League can offer. I’m betting that you’ll find far more value than ever before.

I truly appreciate the confidence and support of the Board and our members, and look forward to working with everyone to continue enhancing the League and its solutions to help you improve the financial lives of your members.


Andy Jaeger
NJCUL Chairman