Project Zip Code

Project Zip Code (PZC) is a secure program that counts your credit union members and matches them by congressional district, state legislative district and county. These numbers are uploaded to the Project Zip Code website and combined with data from credit unions nationwide. This data aids in federal and state advocacy efforts, and is useful to credit unions interested in ATM expansion or shared branching.

Your information is completely secure with Project Zip Code. In fact, only the number of credit union members is transmitted to the Project Zip Code national database. Specific member data cannot be viewed by anyone outside your organization. The master census that results from credit unions running PZC helps demonstrate the strength of credit union membership across the nation.

Project Zip Code is compliant with the privacy laws created in Gramm Leach Bliley.

To view Project Zip Code totals for your credit union, state or league and to design your own Project Zip Code reports, please visit the PZC Web site:

For more information, contact Chris Abeel