Service Series: Spotlighting Margie Walker Horsch Keeping it All in the Family for Over 30 Years

Margie Walker Horsch became a member of Linden NJ Police & Firemen FCU as a child, when her father, a fireman, opened her an account. Since then, for over 30 years, Margie has helped her credit union - Linden NJ Police & Firemen FCU - as well as other credit unions across the country evolve with the times with technology solutions. She also serves on the board of a credit union here in New Jersey. Dedication to helping credit unions better serve their members is in her blood. Margie took some time recently to share her story and tell us why she’s continued to serve the credit union for over three decades…

MargieWhat brought you to the credit union industry?
My father was a big believer in credit unions and was a member of Linden NJ Police & Firemen FCU--he was a fireman. He spoke to me, my sister, and my entire family, and his fellow firemen, how important it was for them to be members of the credit union. He opened an account for me when I was born. I went there for my first loan.

Fast forward a few years, the Deputy Chief of Linden NJ Firemen, who was also the Treasurer of the credit union at the time, asked if I knew someone who wanted a part-time job. I raised my hand and said “Sure! I do.” And I haven't learned how to put that hand down since. That was back in 1981.

In the 80s, when everything was moving to computers, I went back to work in the “real world” for a software company that worked with credit unions.

Then, Raritan Bay FCU was looking for volunteers for its board of directors, so I’ve been on their board for almost six years now. 

Why have you stayed involved for so long, almost 30 years?
It's an industry I thoroughly believe in. They treat you like a person. It's about the relationships that are built; it's not about the profit. Credit unions exist for the people who, if they went anywhere else, they would be laughed at, turned away, and they would be stopped. You go to a bank and ask for a $2,000 loan…they're going to laugh at you.

Why is that? How would you say credit unions are different?
I’ve seen what difference credit unions make for members, not just here but across this country. In each case it's “people helping people.” You're not a number, you're a person. You walk in and I know you, I know your parents, your grandparents, especially those that have kids, because it is a close knit family. It is a family.

Sure, some of our members have become delinquent, but we will work with them to get them back on track. Even those who have low credit scores; if they’ve paid their loans back, we take that into consideration rather than writing them off. Linden NJ Police & Firemen FCU works with its members to ensure they get what they need and stay with them.

Credit union people, whether they're in New Jersey, South Dakota or Scotland, they're all about the people.


Linden NJ Police & Firemen FCU serves  Police and Firefighters in Union County and is located at 300 West Georges Ave in Linden, NJ. For more information, call 908-486-7249.