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What is the ACET Collaboration Portal?
The ACET Collaboration Portal helps credit unions prepare for NCUA cybersecurity examinations.  The Portal automates many of the aspects of exam preparation by using workflow, document management, progress tracking, and collaboration tools to increase the CU team’s productivity.

How the Portal helps Credit Unionsredstonecyberexam

  • The integrated archive consolidates relevant documents in one place
  • Workflow automatically moves items between people and steps in the process
  • Individual tracking keeps members on track
  • Team tracking ensures reaching target dates
  • Role assignments enforce separation of duties
  • Teamwork tools let teams work without meetings
  • On-line visibility ensures teams see same info

Why Consider the ACET Collaboration Portal

  • Be Better Prepared – The portal ensures that the team resolves examination items in advance, using the best expertise, and with a thorough review of responses
  • Stay on Schedule – The Portal’s progress tracking and reporting tools makes sure team members know their progress and the team’s overall readiness
  • Spread the Work –The built-in workflow and assignment capabilities make it easy tap into a broader pool of experts in and outside of the CU
  • Save Time – Estimates show team members using the Portal may save up to 20% of the time devoted to Exam Preparation

Who we are:
The Redstone Consulting Group (RCG) is a CUSO wholly owned by Redstone Federal Credit Union (RFCU).  We’ve been in business since 2012 sharing solutions developed for RFCU with other credit unions.  We work with financial institutions to develop technology that helps credit unions automate manual processes.

NJCUL Member Offers:

  • 10% discount on ACET Portal
  • +10% multi-year discount
  • +10% discount when one order covers multiple credit unions


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