TalentTracker is a company that assists credit unions find, assess, hire and retain the best leaders. Formed in 2009 by Greg Fouks, a long time credit union member and industry consultant, the company’s mission is to share ideas and products that identify the talent need to grow the industry, by assisting one credit union at a time.

TalentTracker brings 30 years of financial services industry experience with over 12 years of specialization in executive search and performance improvement. TalentTracker uses proprietary methodologies in finding the top talent a credit union needs for growth through executive search, candidate testing and background checks. These methodologies increase the odds that the top talent is recruited, retained and then ultimately performs. Additionally the TalentTracker team assists senior management/boards with strategic planning and performance improvement.

A complete list of services provided by TalentTracker include:

  • Executive Search: Assists your organization find the best management talent available
  • Background Checks: Assure that your candidates are who they say they are
  • Candidate Testing: Verification of candidate intelligence, ethics and leadership skills
  • Performance Improvement: Help solve Board and Senior Management positions
  • Strategic Planning & Facilitation: Design and implement planning sessions
  • Industry Presentations

TalentTracker contact information:

Greg A. Fouks, Head Talent Scout
24 White Pine Road
North Oaks, MN  55127
Direct: 651.269.8666

Find, Assess, Hire, Retain.