Sometimes Numbers are Important

Posted by Greg Michlig Thursday, February 13, 2014 10:22:00 AM

Numbers surface so many times in daily life. There are numbers that some choose to ignore—age, weight, debt payments, etc. There are numbers that are incredibly important—anniversary and birth dates, your mom’s phone number, your address, and, lately, the amount of snow we will be getting. Here are some numbers that are hard to ignore...

During the first week in February 2014, New Jersey credit unions appeared in search results on 2,104 times—nearly half the number for ALL of February 2013. The Banking You Can Trust campaign’s advertising on received a 1.10% click-thru rate, up from the 0.13% average in all of 2013. In short, our repetitive, multi-faceted marketing approach is generating results!

A new campaign as part of our overall consumer awareness strategy began on February 2. In the short time that the campaign has been running, as of this writing, it has generated 209 visits to with the average time those users spend on the site being 5 minutes and 58 seconds. While visitors from this particular campaign only represent about 20% of all site visitors, the nearly six minutes they have spent on the site is tremendous compared to the average time spent from all other visitors at 1 minute 35 seconds.

Another powerful number from this experimental campaign is 28%. That is the percentage of visitors from the campaign who are performing credit union searches when they visit.

Stay tuned for more information on this and a formal reveal in early March.

Numbers also relate to Banking You Can Trust in terms of support from our credit unions. We are currently receiving more support from credit unions both in number of contributors and monetarily than this time last year. We are so thankful for this support, as without it, the campaign could not be as strong as it is. If you aren’t contributing to the campaign, please consider doing so. The contribution is small as it relates to the value currently offered to participants and we are laying the foundation for future initiatives that will continue to add value.

It’s also great to see our affiliates rallying together through increased support of other programs this year, as well. More credit unions have contributed to the very popular Reality Fair program and the partnership with the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education—both of which are New Jersey Credit Union Foundation programs. Well done!

Why it’s important; overall engagement is up. Engagement is the key to creating better informed consumers and turning them into credit union members. Without credit unions’ participation it wouldn’t be possible and we wouldn’t have so many trusted partners to promote to consumers.


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