Pompton Lakes Reality Fair Featured in NorthJersey.com Article

Posted by Marissa Anema Wednesday, December 01, 2010 11:24:59 AM

An article featured on NorthJersey.com (Nov. 24) featured the Reality Fair New Jersey credit unions brought to Pompton Lakes High School on Friday, November 12th. The article titled "PLHS Freshmen Learn How to Handle Money" explains how the Reality Fair, like the game of Life, taught students how to manage a monthly budget with the goal of saving money.

Two Pompton Lakes High School teachers brought their freshman business classes to the school library to take part in the fair and learn personal finance skills from the hands-on experience. "Especially in these economic times, there are so many financial disasters going on, and people don't seem to know enough about their financials, and this is something we are trying to teach kids," said business teacher Carol Helm.

Pompton Lakes H.S. Principal Vincent Przybylinski agrees with Helm, stating that what the students learn through the interactive fair is invaluable. "It is knowing what it is like to draw a salary, run a house, buy a vehicle, buy cell phones, have children, and plan for college. It's really a wakeup activity in terms of educating the kids about how they are going to manage their own lives," said Przybylinski.

After making purchases and financing large items, the students then reviewed their budget worksheets with financial counselors, discovering the mistakes they made along the way. "When everything is said and done, they add it up to see where they stand. Their goal is to have money left over where you can save," NJCUL Director of Marketing and Communications Candice Nigro told NorthJersey.com. "We showed them how some of their choices affected the way that their budgets ended up."

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