NJCUL - Strategic Planning Services




Strategic Planning Services from the New Jersey Credit Union League

Strategic Planning is a process where Board members dedicate time, separate and apart from regular meetings, to discuss the future of their credit union within the context of the current economy, market competition, and trends in the financial services industry. Since Board members are encouraged to discuss ways that they can better serve their members and maintain healthy growth, strategic planning is one of the best things that a Board can do for its credit union.

Even though some benefits are universal, each credit union derives its own value depending upon its unique situation. Strategic planning enables a credit union to identify specific objectives, goals, and strategies to maintain values, distinguishing one organization from the rest. By knowing what direction the credit union is taking all products, policies, and processes can be aligned to support that direction. It helps Board members have a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities, and encourages better communication among Board members.

The New Jersey Credit Union League provides experienced and qualified professionals to provide facilitation of your strategic planning session. We accommodate credit unions of all sizes and have the experience to facilitate any type of session.


Our pricing is determined based on an initial consultation with the credit union at which time we will look at a combination of factors including asset size, credit union’s strategic objectives, and past experience.

For more information, please contact John Hendery at jhendery@njcul.org or 1.800.792.8861, ext. 108.