NJCUL Offers First Look at 2nd Quarter 2012 New Jersey CU Statistics to Member CUs

Posted by Marissa Anema Thursday, September 06, 2012 11:03:00 AM


HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. – NJCUL offers member credit unions summaries of New Jersey credit union quarterly statistics compiled by CUNA. The preliminary statistics for second quarter 2012 are now available, with a full report to be released soon.

The preliminary report provides charts and graphs outlining trends in loan and savings growth; liquidity, credit, and interest rate risk; as well as earnings and solvency for credit unions in the state, then goes on to break those trends down by asset size. 

It also gives a general overview of the health of New Jersey credit unions and places that in context with the industry as a whole.

The report is available for download on the League Web site at: www.njcul.org/nj-cu-statistics.aspx.

This aspect of the NJCUL Web site is limited to members only and is password protected. To request a login, visit www.njcul.org/Secure/Register.aspx.


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