NJCUL Corporate Credit Union Task Force Releases Final Report

Posted by Marissa Anema Friday, July 08, 2011 4:17:00 PM

HIGHTSTOWN , N.J. - Earlier this year, the New Jersey Credit Union League created a Corporate Credit Union Task Force to assist credit unions in understanding the dynamics of the new corporate system going forward and to help give them some direction in evaluating their options for corporate-like services.

The task force, made up of a diverse group of leaders representing credit unions of various asset sizes, took a broad look at credit unions' options while considering the current state of the corporate credit union network and its prospects going forward. The focus of the task force was to give credit unions guidance on what they should be considering as they evaluate providers for corporate-like services in the future.

"While the NJCUL Corporate Credit Union Task Force did not set out to pick a winner so to speak, we did want to help credit unions make sense of the changes in the corporate system and to provide some guidance in what they should consider as they do their own research into what provider or providers they will use in the future," said NJCUL President/CEO Paul Gentile, who served on the task force.

The Corporate Credit Union Task Force has made available to member credit unions a final report on their findings. The report includes a breakdown of corporate credit union options and non-corporate credit union alternatives that the task force thoroughly examined and recommends credit unions consider in evaluating their need for corporate-like services.

The report is available for download here. This aspect of the NJCUL site is limited to members only and is password protected. To receive a username and password for the site, please send an email to Marissa Anema at manema@njcul.org requesting credentials.


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