New Jersey Credit Unions Bring Financial Reality Fair Program to New Jersey City University, First College Fair a Success!

Posted by Marissa Anema Wednesday, April 03, 2013 10:49:00 AM


JERSEY CITY, N.J. – The Financial Reality Fair program brought to high schools across the state by New Jersey credit unions made its first visit to a college campus Tuesday. Liberty Savings FCU sponsored a Fair manned by about 30 credit union volunteers for New Jersey City University students. 

The program, initially tailored to high school students, was modified to fit the financial literacy needs of college students.

New Jersey City University students stop by the booths manned by credit union volunteers to make monthly purchases.

Being that New Jersey City University students are mostly non-traditional, with the median age of a freshman at 26 years old, the program was also modified to offer a more customized and personal experience for participating students. Students had the option to provide their actual credit score, rent payment, and number of dependents as well as their anticipated student loan balance and checking and savings account balances upon graduation. Their personal financial information was then entered into their customized budget worksheets so they had a more personal and relevant experience going through the Fair. 

At the Financial Counselor booth, students go over their budget worksheets to learn from the experience.

The credit union volunteers also received help from some members of the school’s FLEX (Financial Literacy Expert) team who aided in the modification of the program for the school and also helped with registration at the Fair. 

For additional photos from the Fair, click here.


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