Lending/Collections Certification


What is the Lending/Collections Certification Program?

The Lending/Collections Certification Program is a process that rewards credit union professionals for investing the time and resources necessary to remain educated in this changing lending and regulatory environment. The individual receives a certificate and League certification status for completing stated education requirements. To apply for certification, fill out the Lending/Collections Certification Application and send to mzelinsky@njcul.org.

Why participate in a League certification program?

Credit union leaders know the value of education in this highly regulated industry. An incumbents participation in continuing education shows true dedication as a credit union professional.

What are the program requirements?

The incumbent must complete a minimum of 5 training events per calendar year. One event must be a face-to-face session offered at the League Office. The incumbent will complete the Certification Application Form to receive a certificate and League certification status.

Certification is good for one year from the date of the last course completed.

What is considered eligible course content?

Eligible curriculum will include all league training events: Roundtables, Full Day Classes, Workshops, Conferences, Quick Bites, and Financial Education Webinars, etc., as well as CUNA Education: schools, conferences, self-study, Webinars, etc.

What are the Lending/Collector Certification competencies?

The Lending/Collector Certification program includes education designated to four employee levels:

  • Level 1: Frontline Tellers and MSRs
  • Level 2: Loan Processors and Staff who perform Basic Work on Loan Applications/Documentation
  • Level 3: Collections Staff
  • Level 4: Decision-makers: Loan Officers, Underwriters

Descriptions of each employee level and the competencies required for each are available here.