Latest YFP Blog Features NJCUL’s “Banking You Can Trust” Campaign

Posted by Marissa Anema Wednesday, November 16, 2011 11:17:00 AM

Sean McDonald, personal and professional development speaker and trainer and President of Your Full Potential, LLC (YFP), in his latest blog post titled “I Love My Bank Because…” highlights NJCUL’s “Banking You Can Trust” Campaign.

In the blog, McDonald talks about the billboard (pictured above) he saw while driving near his home that declares “I Love My Bank Because it’s Not a Bank”; an ad that’s part of NJCUL’s effort “to increase awareness of credit unions among the more than 8 million people who call New Jersey home.” McDonald points out that the complete campaign is called “NJ Credit Unions: Banking You Can Trust”.

Recent consumer discontent with banks has definitely helped with credit union awareness, McDonald points out, and individual credit unions can take steps to build upon the momentum that currently exists. McDonald suggests credit unions participate in their League or Association’s ad co-op, such as NJCUL’s ad co-op; realize Bank Transfer Day was just the beginning; increase the credit union’s advertising budget for next year; get creative people in one room to brainstorm; invest in current technology and use social media.

McDonald’s blog post can be found in its entirety

More information on NJCUL’s ad co-op is available at


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