Pivot and Persevere: How to Be an Agile and Influential Leader
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By: Barbara Agin, NJCUL VP, Member Experience & Education

I am sure you have all heard of the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”

This classic acknowledges the differences between men and women in an effort to help them communicate more effectively.

In the business world, women have unique strengths and barriers to success. When Donnalyn Giegerich, the leader of an empowerment speaking and corporate training company, was highly recommended by a female credit union professional to speak at our Convention, we thought she was a perfect complement to our speaker line-up, especially since adding on the Emerging Leaders track focused on that next generation being groomed to move up the management ladder. 

“What’s Trending with Women and Leadership” is a two-part series dedicated to women; however, each session is effective as a stand-alone…and everyone can learn a thing or two!

I asked Donnalyn about each session, and based on her responses below, this really looks like a fabulous session!


Women in Leadership Part 1

Agin: What is the overall essence of this session?

Giegerich: This session will look at where women in the workforce are headed, current successes, and how to continue to narrow the gaps that have gotten in the way of women that work well.


Agin: What is “talent agility” and why is it important?

Giegerich: The gig economy is growing, institutional structures are flattening, and many workers have more than one reporting line. Chances are the best talent you can bring to the workday besides technical acumen is flexibility and focus. This session covers what’s trending and why it's important to your professional development and ability to stay valued in the workplace.


Agin: Explain resilient leadership.

Giegerich: Adaptable people excel. Consider your resilience as a leader by taking a closer look at how you adapt or react to outer circumstances. Hint: Resilience is what you do, not who you are. 


Women in Leadership Part 2

Agin: In this session, you differentiate being smart versus being effective and refer to “Executive Presence.” What exactly is this? 

Giegerich: Executive Presence is a learned skill on developing impact. It focuses on how you show up. The session allows attendees to gain insights into what EP is, who's got it, and how to get some. Hint: It's available to all leaders.


Agin: Why is it more difficult for women to demonstrate these skills?

Giegerich: I'd like to say I have no idea! The list is long and varied but the good news is, women across industries are ramping up their influencing skills, and you can, too. It’s about addressing your blind spots and starting to stretch yourself toward greater success.


Agin: Is it possible for a person to develop skills that conflict with their personality types?

Giegerich: Absolutely, yes. If you have a desire to lead and an appetite for lifelong learning, the first step is building awareness, dumping off shame, and learning immediate, useable ways to cultivate confidence around your authentic leadership style.


To hear much more on this topic, join us and Donnalyn at the 2018 NJCUL Annual Convention, October 21-23, 2018 at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City. Registration is open!