Gentile Kicks Off NJCFE's Teachers Teaching Teachers (T3) Spring Event

Posted by Marissa Anema Monday, April 02, 2012 11:31:00 AM


LINCROFT, N.J. – New Jersey Credit Union League President/CEO Paul Gentile kicked off the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education’s (NJCFE) annual Teachers Teaching Teachers (T3) conference this morning. The event, sponsored by New Jersey credit unions, is designed to provide teachers with useable, practical, time-tested ideas that have been proven to work successfully.

NJCUL President/CEO Paul Gentile kicks off the NJCFE T3 Conference this morning.

Gentile opened the event, highlighting the importance of financial literacy education. "The work you are doing with young people is so important. We teach geography and algebra and history in our schools, but financial literacy is just as important to help our young people get off to a good start in their financial lives," said Gentile. "You all have a challenging task. Financial literacy is changing all the time. Just this weekend we had a major credit card data breach. There's $1 trillion outstanding in student loan debt. The way young people will make payments in the future is changing. Financial literacy is a constantly changing topic."

Approximately 75 teachers were in attendance for this morning's event at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, N.J. The purpose of the event is to help teachers learn how to teach financial literacy in their classrooms from fellow educators.

Some of the topics covered at today's event included Middle School: Money $tars and Financial Football, High School and Adults: Cards, Cars and Currency Lessons, Middle School and High School: 50 Interactive Ways to Teach Personal Finance, and more.

New Jersey Credit Unions, "Banking You Can Trust" is the core sponsor of NJCFE, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the personal financial literacy of New Jersey's citizens. The sponsorship is primarily funded by the New Jersey Credit Union Foundation. N.J. CUs can make donations to NJCUF targeted to support this sponsorship. Also, NJCUF's main fundraising event, its Credit Union Casino Night, will be held April 19th. Supporting this event is another great way CUs can help support the NJCFE sponsorship. More information on the Foundation’s Casino Night is available at

More information on the partnership between New Jersey credit unions and NJCFE is available at


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