Filene Lends its Expertise to the Creative You Program

Posted by Marissa Anema Friday, January 31, 2014 11:59:00 AM

Filene Leaders to Mentor Selected Creative You Teams

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. – The New Jersey Credit Union League is excited to announce that Filene will lend its expertise and talent to this year’s Creative You competition!!

Filene Research Institute and its communities of thinkers and doers have been leaders in credit union research and innovation for 25 years. Filene will bring its knowledge and experience in innovative solutions to the Creative You program to help the finalists develop their ideas. 

Three of Filene’s key leaders will act as judges and mentors for our New Jersey credit union innovators. Creative You participants will get the chance to learn first-hand from Filene as the teams work to build and prototype their ideas. Mollie Bell, chief engagement officer; Andrew Downin, innovation director; and Tansley Stearns, impact director, will each lend their expertise to this year’s Creative You program by mentoring a Creative You team through the development process.

The next step for our Creative You teams is to complete a Project Scope, which will describe the problem definition, their innovative solution, and their process. Keep an eye out for more updates from the League on this next step as well as the future progress of this exciting program!


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