CUNA-League Partnership Develops Web Site Aimed at Helping Grow CU Membership

Posted by Marissa Anema Wednesday, February 16, 2011 12:01:00 PM

WASHINGTON - A new Web site that will tout the credit union difference to consumers nationwide will be unveiled by CUNA on February 28, during its Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC).

The new Web site '' was developed through a partnership between CUNA and state leagues, with development and maintenance costs borne entirely by the state associations. There is no charge for consumers or credit unions to use the Web site.

The key element of '' will be the first, consolidated and comprehensive "credit union locater", which will conveniently direct consumers to a credit union they can join. The finder will include all credit unions - regardless of their charter, affiliation, size, or business models.

The stimulus for the project came from a task force assembled by the American Association of Credit Union Leagues (AACUL), made up of chief executives of several state associations, including New Jersey Credit Union League President/CEO Paul Gentile who acts as Chairman to the task force. In their deliberations, the task force identified a key goal for the new Web tool: Helping credit unions build membership.

"Over the years, credit unions have laid down a strong foundation of loyalty among their members, which is cemented by reasonably priced financial services and trust that 'members come first'," said Gentile. "But as many of us know all too well, extending that foundation to non-members has been a challenge, particularly in telling them the credit union story or convincing them that a credit union is their best option for financial services."

"'' is a tool for the movement to use in driving more consumers toward credit union membership, and present to them a whole picture about credit unions," Gentile added.


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