CUMONEY Prepaid Card Wins Out When Compared to Suze Orman Approved Card and Others

Posted by Marissa Anema Thursday, February 16, 2012 10:44:00 AM


In a recent comparison to various other prepaid cards offered throughout the industry, including the approved card from financial planning expert Suze Orman, ICUL Service Corporation’s CUMONEY prepaid card shines above the rest.

ICUL Service Corp., a credit union service provider and NJCUL Business Partner, recently released two charts comparing the typical monthly usage charges and various fees of its CUMONEY Everyday Spend card, Suze Orman’s card, as well as others offered, including those from Walmart, Capital One, Walgreens, and VISA. 

The CUMONEY Everyday Spend card beats out the competition when it comes to the fees charged at purchase; charged monthly; charged to reload money on the card; charged to make a withdrawal, deposit, or balance inquiry at an ATM, and much more. 

As for monthly usage charges, the CUMONEY Everyday Spend card has a total of only $3.75 when adding up the monthly service charge, reloading fee, ATM withdrawal, and live customer service calls. The Suze Orman card has a $7.00 total, Walmart $8.00, Captial One $9.45, and both NetSpend and AccountNow charge a whopping $9.95 in total monthly charges. 

The League has made charts illustrating these comparisons available for download on its Web site. Click here to view the Comparison of Monthly Usage Expenses and click here to view the Comparison of Fees



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