Cheney Lays Out New Vision for CU Movement

Posted by Marissa Anema Tuesday, February 26, 2013 11:01:00 AM



WASHINGTON – During yesterday’s opening session at the 2013 GAC, CUNA President/CEO Bill Cheney unveiled a new, overarching strategic vision for the credit union movement.

CUNA president/CEO Bill Cheney addressing GAC attendees this morning.

Kicking off the conference Monday morning, Cheney stressed that developing a vision where Americans choose credit unions as their best financial partner stemmed from more than one year of discussions with credit union and league leaders, credit union system partners, and CUNA's own leadership.

To realize this vision, the credit union system will need to work collaboratively to advance three broad goals, according to Cheney:

Remove barriers: This will require actively participating in credit union grassroots activities and the political process. The CUNA/League "Plan to Win," which offers detailed involvement prescriptions and accountability measures for CUs, leagues and CUNA, can help provide a roadmap for success.

Raise awareness: Credit unions can achieve this by expanding their outreach and image in their community, taking greater advantage of social media, becoming a trusted resource with their local media, and participating in state and regional co-operative advertising campaigns. These avenues can lead to success. Credit unions can use tools, programs and channels that already exist to share their stories in local communities.

Foster service excellence: Cheney stressed that the system must work together so that credit unions across the board can offer a complete set of forward-looking and constantly improving financial services to members of all backgrounds and life stages.

Two key measures of success he offered would be to raise the number of members who consider their credit union to be their primary financial institution from today's 40 million up to 50 million by 2023 and to increase member value, setting a goal of $20 billion annually by 2023. 

Cheney also announced that a new Web page,, has already been launched with an overview of the initiative and a video on why the time is so right for credit unions to unite for good, with more resources and key information still to come.


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