Banking You Can Trust Campaign


2016 Media Plan

2015 Banking You Can Trust Campaign Reach Infographic

What is the Banking You Can Trust Campaign?
The Banking You Can Trust Campaign, formerly the Ad Co-Op, is a way for credit unions to pool resources and build awareness about the benefits of credit unions throughout New Jersey.         

Why Should Your CU Participate?
Both credit union investments and the League's investment are pooled together to get the most exposure for credit unions. Ads are used to spread the benefits of credit union membership to all New Jersey residents.
What are the Benefits of Participating?
A popular benefit for contributing credit unions are the :15/:15 split commercials we do with our cable television advertising. Credit unions that make an investment can participate in these at no additional cost. We are constantly trying to find ways to provide contributing credit unions with added value and do so as opportunities present themselves. Your credit union's logo will also be included in the scroll on the home page of
How Much Will it Cost the Credit Union?
Below is a chart that shows the different investment levels based on asset size.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?
Contact NJCUL Marketing and Communications Manager Marissa Anema at or 800-792-8861 ext. 117.