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Alpha Omega Laser is celebrating its 28th year specializing in credit unions. Our services include statement processing (laser printing), statement graphics, e-statements, check imaging printed with the statement, data archiving, direct mail, newsletter/brochure/envelope printing, multiple statement consolidation, target marketing/mailing and specialized custom software development.

Statement processing includes NSF's, loan notices/HELOCS, month end statements, visa and master card statements, multiple checks printed and appended to the statements (small business application designed to level the playing field with the banks), and year end taxes. When statement processing is complete, the same can be posted as an e-statement and archived to a CD/DVD for longer-term storage.

Our services don't stop there!! Extensive consulting is part of set up. We are experts at identifying and removing statement waste that results in higher paper, envelope, brochure, and postage bills. Our experience shows that it is these covert items that occur in statement processing which increase the credit union's bottom line.

In addition, we are also experts in consolidation of multiple statements, removing wasteful redundancy, and targeting more items than just brochures. By placing many kinds of statements and check images into a single envelope for a single mailing, the credit union streamlines the mailings, saving extra postage and envelopes. Even disclosures can be targeted selectively and can be rotated with other types of notices printed on the back of the statement for permanency and cost reduction. Our specialized software development will give your statement a delightful facelift which your members will rave about. All of this reduces the bottom line costs and creates growth for the credit union. The best news is all of this is done without the credit union having to change/disturb any of the strategic data processing, item processing or credit card providers.

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