Deterring and Responding to Robberies: A Training Resource for Banks and Credit Unions

Robbery Prevention DVD & CD ROM - Member $299.00
Robbery Prevention DVD & CD ROM - Non-Member $399.00

Robberies at financial institutions remain a steady trend. In many areas of the country, robbers are hitting at an alarming and increasing rate. The only reliable means that our financial institutions have to improve prevention, apprehension, and recovery, is training, training, and more training.

One convenient robbery prevention training option is Troy Evans' Deterring and Responding to Robberies: A Training Resource for Banks and Credit Unions DVD and CD ROM.

For years and years to come, this 45-minute DVD and CD will prove to be a valuable training resource for your employees and will ensure that they are armed with practical knowledge and tools for:

  • Robbery Prevention: Reducing Your Risk
  • Robbery Response: Protecting Members and Staff
  • Robbery Response: Aiding Law Enforcement

Professionally shot, produced, and edited, this valuable training tool is the combined effort of one of the countries largest and most premier state financial associations in conjunction with The Evans Group.

For the past 8 years state banking associations, credit union leagues/associations as well as individual banks and credit unions have been bringing in Troy Evans, professional speaker and best selling author, to deliver training keynotes on the very subjects that are covered in this DVD and CD. Troy has met and interviewed over 300 convicted bank and credit union robbers and will provide "real life" insight into the "mind of the enemy." Troy's experiences, combined with those of a long time law enforcement officer and security consultant, the President and CEO of a large financial institution that was robbed, and a teller who was on the front lines during a robbery will provide expert advice from all angles.

This is an opportunity for your financial institution to benefit from and realize the value of:

  • On-Demand Training
  • Quick implementation with every new hire
  • Small group settings, without having to bear the expense of hosting a large meeting or conference
  • Incorporation into standard, in-house training programs

Also, as an added bonus, the CD ROM contains downloadable material/resources to enhance the training experience. The resources section includes such valuable tools as:

  • Employee Confidentiality Agreement
  • Robbery Aftermath: How Can I Help?
  • What to do During a Robbery
  • Sample Security Procedures: Opening & Closing
  • Sample Signage
  • Robbery Toolkit
  • Training Record

This valuable training tool can be watched via DVD or on a personal computer in CD ROM format. It will prove to be a resource that your Bank or Credit Union Personnel can benefit from for years and years to come. Troy's program will provide your front line people with the very latest in Robbery Prevention, Apprehension and Recovery information.

The Evans Group guarantee to you: If you do not find this product to be informative, valuable and applicable in bringing your bank or credit union employees up to speed on the latest in robbery prevention, apprehension and recovery.simply return it within 30 days, no questions asked, for a full refund.

Cost: $299.00 for members
           $399.00 for non-members