06/10/14 - Archived VirtualCorps Webinar: Emerging Leadership: Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Fundamentals

06/10/14 - Archived VirtualCorps Webinar: Emerging Leadership: Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Fundamentals $99.00

Archived VirtualCorps Webinar: 
Emerging Leadership: Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Fundamentals

Speakers, communicators and business professionals all aspire to deliver presentations, speeches and key communications with a genuine sense of ease, power and freedom. As globalization continues to act as a powerful context and assert its new atmosphere, the empowerment of business professionals has become a fundamental strategic issue. The only difference between a speaker or communicator and an actor is that an actor is expected (and paid) to go through an emotional and transformational experience in front of our eyes. A speaker, leader or communicator remains outside of those emotional demands but deals with similar performance and staging issues. Effective body language, voice power and confidence are all sourced in will power and “autonomy while being watched, interviewed or communicating important ideas”. Please answer the following questions as best you can and in detail:

  • What area of public speaking or presentation skills would you like to improve?
  • Describe what is key for you to improve? What happens to you? How’s your comfort level?
  • Are there specific situations you are uncomfortable with? Large audience? When taped?
  • What aspects or areas of public speaking are you unclear about? Questions you have?
  • Do you experience stage fright? Please describe.
  • What blocks, if any, are you experiencing? Anxiety? Drawing blanks? Unwanted mannerisms? Etc.
  • Who is your audience? What are their expectations? Do you typically know who your audience is?
  • Where do you usually present? How large or small?
  • What is the nature of your presentations? Brown bag? Educational? Technical? Please describe.
  • How often do you present? Speak in front of a group? Times per month? How long are your presentations?
  • Do you have additional concerns or training needs not mentioned here? Please describe situation.
  • Who writes your presentations? Do you ever have to speak impromptu? How well do you do with that?
  • Do you have trouble memorizing? Reading off a teleprompter?
  • Are you someone who needs to move a lot when they speak? How’s your command of the stage?
  • How well do you do with PowerPoint? Do You co-present often? On a panel


  • Develop your Appetite to Take Charge
  • Develop Solid Performance Skills and Simple Acting Abilities we All Possess
  • Naturally Expand your Sense of Self-Awareness, Fulfillment and Aliveness in Public
  • Learn Great Staging Techniques to Showcase Yourself and Your Content Uniquely
  • Reduce Stage Fright Dramatically
  • Hone Techniques to Portray a Charismatic and Commanding Presence

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Management, Board Members, CEO, CFO, Marketing Managers, Staff Members

Speaker: Eric Stone