05/13/14 - Archived VirtualCorps Webinar: Branding the Experience

05/13/14 - Archived VirtualCorps Webinar: Branding the Experience $99.00

Great organizations don’t just brand their marketing materials. They “Brand the Experience” for their customers, members, and clients as well as their employees. Doing so properly takes diligence and the understanding that a brand is more than just “the tip of the iceberg”.


  • The definition of a brand
  • The critical combination of drivers and conveyors that create the desired brand image
  • How to create a strong brand by beginning with the necessary internal steps
  • The rules of maintaining a building a strong brand
  • How to brand your organization through multiple tools and tactics
  • Examples of organizations that do “Brand the Experience”

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs and executive staff
  • Frontline supervisors and managers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Human resources professionals

Speakers: Ken Bator
Ken has more than 20 years of experience in helping organizations make money, save money, and survive internal challenges and tough economic conditions.

As a facilitator for training and strategic planning sessions and an expert in brand concept, marketing and management, Ken has helped hundreds of organizations since 2001. In addition to his career of working with CEOs, CFOs and COOs, he has also served as an executive of three different financial institutions throughout the country and has assisted many small- to medium-sized businesses to reach new levels of effectiveness.

Ken is also a co-founder of the Police Officers’ Credit Union Conference and author of The Pocket Guide to Strategic Planning: The 90-Day Quick Fix for the Business Owner or Manager and The Strategic Planning Workbook and Guide for Financial Institutions. His articles have appeared in many trade publications including The Credit Union Journal and ABA Bank Marketing. Born and raised in Chicago, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from DePaul University as well as a Certificate in Integrated Marketing from the University of Chicago.