> Webinar: Required Compliance Series: Regulatory Compliance for Lenders, Including BSA

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
4:30 PM


Credit Union Web Training Webinar:
Required Compliance Series: Regulatory Compliance for Lenders, Including BSA


January 10, 2014, marks the date of sweeping changes to mortgage lending compliance. In addition to mastering these new rules, regulators expect that lenders have received training on a wide range of compliance issues. Regulators continue to charge civil money penalties for several “high-profile” regulations such as BSA, flood, and HMDA reporting errors. This session will cover compliance regulations lenders must follow and outline many specific disclosures and timing requirements. Several of the 2014 changes will be highlighted and it will include several required annual training topics and the latest exam hot spots ranging from BSA, loan application steps, common compliance mistakes, and a variety of consumer protection laws.

Continuing Education: Attendance verification for CE credits upon request

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  • BSA annual training requirements for CIP in lending and due diligence for detecting money laundering activity, plus SAR basics
  • Fair lending best practices to mitigate the risk factors in underwriting, pricing, and steering
  • Reg B requirements for the life of the loan, including appraisal rules effective January 18, 2014
  • Frontline tips – how to take and process an application, including an overview of the ability-to-repay requirements
  • Overview of HMDA data collection, common problems, and best practices
  • Overview of flood requirements, including triggering events
  • The most common errors in consumer real-estate-secured loans and how to prevent them


  • Matrix of 37 types of real-estate-secured loans (consumer and commercial) showing the required disclosures, timing, and helpful guidance
  • Matrix of suggested training topics by job function for consumer, mortgage, and commercial lenders and loan operations staff
  • Summary of 15 important exemptions in Regulation B, Z, and RESPA that may help reduce the compliance burden of the 2014 lending changes
  • Letter of attendance certification with webinar outline
  • Employee training log
  • Quiz you can administer to measure staff learning and a separate answer key

This informative session will benefit compliance officers, auditors, loan officers, loan assistants, and loan administration staff. It is designed for both new lenders and experienced personnel wanting a review of existing requirements.

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Susan Costonis, Compliance Consulting and Training for Financial Institutions

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