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Monday, April 29, 2013 All Day - Thursday, May 02, 2013



Spend four days in this dynamic, interactive course and you’ll come away with a solid understanding of the art and science of pricing. Even if you consider yourself relatively experienced at pricing, you’ll gain new insights including:

  • Pricing strategies - cost, competition, relationship, value and risk
  • The basic economics of price and volume
  • Factors affecting pricing - expense control, strategic direction, marketing orientation and price management
  • The importance of implementing prices with choices and options
  • The essence of price - Price is the service and the service is the price
  • How all services are subject to price/volume relationships - whether demand-driven (loans, fees, and non-interest deposits) or supply-driven (deposits)
  • How to apply price action to reduce expenses - becoming a low-cost producer of a service also allows you to be the low pricer

By learning how to price your products and services correctly you’ll see your day-to-day business grow dramatically.

What benefits will I take back to my institution? There are many important reasons to invest in The Pricing Institute:

  • Earn back 10 times the cost of the program within 30 days with new price skills
  • Learn how to price – not what to charge
  • Know the price actions that reduce expenses
  • Arm yourself with techniques to reduce APRs while increasing profits
  • Identify ways to reduce fees while increasing fee revenue
  • Become skilled at price transparency
  • Make regulatory price compliance easy and seamless
  • Learn how to manage the risks of pricing
  • Gain knowledge to create value when pricing
  • Discover price history and the value of not repeating pricing errors
  • Understand the politics of pricing and learn to be a skilled price politician

Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel
One Dock Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Registration Deadline: April 15, 2013

Registration Fee: $1,995*
*Call for discounts for multiple registrations.

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